Kanji: 葵(あおい)
Romaji: Aoi
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Manga Debut: Chapter 24
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Aoi (葵, Aoi) is a prostitute and girlfriend of Kouji Tsuwabuki. She is sick and don't have much time to live.




While training, Riku saw Aoi in a dark street being harassed by a man. Even though he pointed out for Riku to leave, he knocked out the man. She kissed Riku as thanks, but he got scarred and pushed her back.

At the day of the fight, she was home alone feeling weak from her illness, when she was visited by Tokorozawa. As the spoke, she revealed that she know who he was in his boxing past, due to being manager in a boxing club in her middle school. She questioned Tokorozawa if he trained Tsuwabuki, because he had a grudge against Baba Gym or to put Riku at disadvantage. But Tokorozawa avoided the question, saying he just wanted to punch him.

Tsumugi called Aoi, telling her about Tsuwabuki's loss and being hospitalized. She congratulated Tokozawa for his junior's win, but he just complained that this prevents him from doing his work as he can't collect the money from Tsuwabuki now. As she layied to rest, she told Tokorozawa that she knew Riku and the way of a person he is, he may not live long because of boxing, so that he to be with him as much as he can.

Later she met Riku in the hospital, when he visited Tsuwabuki. She told him that she won't kiss him again and if he wishes to see Tsuwabuki. As Riku left, she cried over Tsuwabuki, asking him why he didn't find satisfaction before getting injured like that.