Kanji: 芥見
Romaji: Azami
Status: Deceased
Gender: Male
Relatives: Haruko Azami (ex-wife)
Riku (son)
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
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Azami (芥見, Azami) is a japanese man and the father of Riku. He hanged himself in his house.




Tokorozawa came looking for Azami, telling him to return the things he borrowed. But ended up finding him hanged himself and his son Riku punching him. Riku told Tokorozawa that he was repaying back the suffering endured from his father. After punching Riku, Tokorozawa punched Azami's body, to show Riku how to properly punch. Then told Riku to look at his father and will see how a loser looks.

Power & AbilitiesEdit


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