Kanji: 江原(えはら)
Romaji: Ehara
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Manga Debut: Chapter 2
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Ehara (江原, Ehara) is a teacher at the orphanage house where Riku went, but after an accident she left.



Ehara is very sweet and nice young woman.


Ehara was first seen in the hospital, talking with Riku about the accident in which he was involved. After explaining him his situation and about his mother, she told him they will take him to an orphanage, where they will take good care of him. On their way there, she was telling him about the orphanage, but then saw the bruises around Riku's neck and hugged him, telling him everything would be fine now.

One night at the orphanage, she saw Riku planing on escaping to visit his mother. She spoke with him and made him change his mind, but then friends of Kiriya came to get revenge on Riku. They abducted both of them, and on their way one of them raped Ehara, while Riku was helpless to do anything. Both were saved by Tokorozawa, who was nearby. After that accident, Ehara decided to leave the orphanage.