Haruko Azami
Haruko Azami
Kanji: 芥見春子
Romaji: Azami Haruko
Status: Alive
Gender: Female
Relatives: Azami (ex-husband)
Riku (son)
Kiriya Hazakura (boyfriend)
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
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Haruko Azami (芥見春子, Azami Haruko) is a japanese woman and the mother of Riku. She was arrested for drug use and illegal corpse disposal.




After Riku's father hanged himself, Riku was given to her. While going to her boyfriends place, Riku was happy that he would live with his mother and promised he would be good and wouldn't ask for anything. Upon entering the home, she was trembling and told Kiriya that she couldn't wait anymore and wanted him to give her drugs. As payment for the drugs she started performing sexual acts on Kiriya in front of Riku. She was rewarded with the drugs she wanted while still preforming the sexual act, but while doing so was demaded to stop by Riku. While spacing out from the drugs, Kiriya started beating Riku relentlessly, since he found him annoying, but was killed by Riku in a act of defense.The police later arrested Haruko for drug use and illegal corpse disposal, which was in one of the rooms in Kiriya's place.

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