Kyousuke Tokorozawa
Kanji: 所沢京介
Romaji: Tokorozawa Kyōsuke
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
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Kyousuke Tokorozawa (所沢京介, Tokorozawa Kyōsuke) is a ex-boxing champion. He made Riku interested in boxing.




Tokorozawa was knocking on Azami's door, telling him to return the things he borrowed. Hearing a noise inside, he entered and saw Azami's hanged body and his son Riku, punching it. After realizing that Azami was beating up Riku, he first punched Riku and then showed him how to properly punch by punching Azami's body. Later he was seen with his boss, who was watching and old video of Tokorozawa boxing match. He asked Tokorozawa if he teach Riku boxing, but Tokorozawa told him that he just showed him one punch and that he felt that Riku instinctively knew the vital points while was punching his father.

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VS Akito HyodoEdit

  • Win: 10 years ago, after Akito lost the world belt, he returned to Japan and faced Kyousuke for the OPBF title, but lost.