Riku Azami
Kanji: 芥生 リク(あざみ リク)
Romaji: Azami Riku
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Relatives: Haruko Azami (Mother)
Azami (Father - Deceased)
Manga Debut: Chapter 1
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Riku Azami (芥生 リク, Azami Riku) is a japanese boy who ended up without parents and grew with boxing.


Riku is a periwinkle haired individual with silvery eyes. He has permanent markings on his body from the abuse he suffered as a child, and is very muscularly developed for his age. He boxes with the gloves given to him by Kyousuke Tokorozawa as a child, which are in bad quality due to the constant use.


Riku is a very introverted boy, who does not converse much with anyone.

Due to his past, he's often ridiculed for murdering. This constant feed of negativity doesn't seem to bother him too much, but would be a reason for his introverted nature.


Riku-chan was first seen punching the dead body of his hanged father, trying to pay back all the suffering from him. Tokorozawa, man who entered the house, who wanted to collect things that Azami borrowed, upon seeing the bruises on Riku, punched him, then showed him how to properly punch someone by punching his father's body. Riku then was given to his mother and he was happy that he will live with her. But once they went to her drug dealer's house and seeing her doing sexual acts for drugs, he yelled to her to stop. That angered her drug dealer, who started beating up Riku. Upon realizing he will die, Riku took a defensive position and punched Kiriya, knocking him on his knees, then took an ashtray and smashed his head and killed him.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

Riku seems to understand and know where Vital parts of the body were without any training. He is very capable of killing someone with a single punch. He's seen to have trouble with in-fighters, but is good at adapting to his opponents fighting style in order to get the advantage. As a child, Shinji Baba believed he had the correct body type to be a counter-specialist. He's also left handed.


VS Katsuya KikuchiEdit

  • Win: The first round was very intense with Katsuya dominating it, without Riku even trying to do a single punch until the very end of the round. In the second round, at which Riku shook off his fear, he KO'd Katsuya in 4 punches.

VS Tsubasa MisehayaEdit

  • Win: The first round was completely dominated by Misehaya, managing to connect lots of blows from distance and avoid all of Riku's attempts. Misehaya was giving his all, trying to down Riku if the first round, but Riku wasn't falling. Second round continued the same way, until Riku finally was able to read Misehaya and connected a punch. After that, Misehaya was defeated with ease by Riku, not able to fight back at a series of punches from Riku and eventually KO'd.

VS Kouji TsuwabukiEdit

  • Win: As the fight started, Riku was dealing the blows, but even though Tsuwabuki wasn't affected by them and cornered Riku at the ropes. But Riku managed to do a counter and downed Tsuwabuki. In the second round, they both started exchanging blows at close range, but Tsuwabuki managed to do a body blow and down Riku. Third round continued similar to the second as Riku was trying to push in. As Riku was getting close of being downed, he realized that listening to his opponent breathing will make him read his rhythm. With that he was able to push in and deal a blow that downed Tsuwabuki. He managed to get up and the match entered in the fourth round. There it became one sided, Riku dealing blow after blow on Tsuwabuki. As Tsuwabuki wasn't going down, Riku was giving him best to take him down. Eventually Tsumugi threw the towel to stop the fight, leading to Riku's victory.


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