Shinji Baba
Kanji: 馬場 進司(ばば しんじ)
Romaji: Baba Shinji
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Manga Debut: Chapter 4
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Shinji Baba (馬場 進司, Baba Shinji) is an old man and the owner of the famous Baba Boxing Gym. He used to train Kyousuke Tokorozawa and now is training Riku Azami.


Baba is a chubby man, with slicked back hair.



Shinji was first seen in the dumps of a back alley, where he was beaten by some men. After Tokorozawa told him about Riku, he quickly tried to scare Riku and make him drop the idea of being a boxer, but ended up liking Riku's abilities and motivation and decided to train him.


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