Takeru Kikuchi
Kanji: 菊池 丈(きくち たける)
Romaji: Kikuchi Takeru
Status: Alive
Gender: Male
Relatives: Katsuya Kikuchi (father)
Manga Debut: Chapter 9
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Takeru Kikuchi (菊池 丈, Kikuchi Takeru) is the son of Katsuya Kikuchi.




Takeru was first seen before his father's match with Riku, where he spoke with his father, who promised him to win and then eat some sushi together. Upon seeing Riku bruised body, he got scared. And after he met him, he even wished he to die. During the fight he was suporting his father from the crowd seats, but once Riku defeated his father, he was seeing crying next to him as he was being driven towards the hospital for medical help.


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