Tsubasa Misehaya
Kanji: 三瀬早 翼(みせはや つばさ)
Romaji: Misehaya Tsubasa
Status: Alive
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Manga Debut: Chapter 16
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Tsubasa Misehaya (三瀬早 翼, Misehaya Tsubasa) is a talanted boxer from Yuki Naeshiro's class. He reached the 4th place at the Nationals. After his humiliating loss from Riku, he transferred schools.



Seemingly calm and composed, he had an "evil" side, finding joy and fun in seeing the sad faces of people he defeated. And even though he was winning a lot of different competitions, he wasn't able to top the boxing and got fixated at that. Especially of defeating Kaede Hyodo, who defeated him in middle school.


Misehaya helped Yuki throw out the trash that covered Riku's desk and a bit later asked for her phone number. As the two went out, he invited Yuki to come see his fight, which was against Riku. On the day of the fight, Misehaya had invited a lot of his friends to see his fight and support him. In the first round of the fight, Misehaya was dominating and dealing blows, without taking any of Riku's punches. He was a bit surprised when at the end of the round Riku blocked his punch with a shoulder, but guessed it was luck and was about to fall. Second round continued the same way, until Riku was finally able to read his movements and managed to punch him. From that moment Riku took the lead, dodging all of Misehaya's attack and dealing a series of punched on him until he was KO'd. That brought up memories of his past and how successful he was at various sports, but not boxing and pee himself. His friends found that disgusting. After the fight Misehaya didn't show anymore at school and eventually changed schools.

Power & AbilitiesEdit

At young age he was very talanted at various sports and easily overcoming various tournaments. But since he failed overcoming boxing (getting 4th at the Nationals), he got fixated at it and continued training only boxing, in attempt to overcome it.


VS Kaede HyodoEdit

  • Loss: During the Nationals, he was defeated with ease by Kaede and ended up taking the 4th place.

VS Riku AzamiEdit

  • Loss: The first round was completely dominated by Misehaya, managing to connect lots of blows from distance and avoid all of Riku's attempts. Misehaya was giving his all, trying to down Riku if the first round, but Riku wasn't falling. Second round continued the same way, until Riku finally was able to read Misehaya and connected a punch. After that, Misehaya was defeated with ease by Riku, not able to fight back at a series of punches from Riku and eventually KO'd.